Our boat S/V Capri

I realized that many of you have never seen our boat and I thought I would remedy that situation.  So here is our boat.

Capri is a Jeanneau Sun Fast 40.3 launched in 2007.  She is 40 feet long and 13 feet wide (at her widest). She has a 7 foot keel and the top of her mast is 60 over the water. She weighs in at 8.5 metric tons empty and can carry 2.5 metrics tons of cargo (water, fuel, persons, food and all other kinds of assorted stuff).

She is laid out in what is called the “owners version”, meaning she has 2 cabins, 1 forward and 1 aft, both with double beds. The water tanks (2 of them) hold a total of 340 liters (89 gallons) and her fuel capacity is 136 liters (39 gallons). Depending on conditions she has a cruising range on the engine of 420nm or about 500 miles

She carries a total of 924 sq. ft of sail almost equally divided between the mainsail and the genua. The mainsail is just slightly larger by 14 sq.ft.

So here are some pics.

As you board, this is the cockpit


Coming down the entryway you enter the salon. The dining table can be lowered, cushions added and this then becomes a double bed.


Immediately to the left when you come down the entry ladder is the nav station, Here showing the VHF and HF radios and electrical control board.


Just behind the nav station is the head/shower/wash facility. Capri carries a hot water heater with a 10 gallon capacity (no long showers girls!)


Immediately to the left of the stairs is the galley. It has VERY large refrigerator and a VERY tiny freezer. a 2 burner stove, an oven and a double sink. Capri has pressurized water so it just like at home. Turn on the faucet and the water comes out.  We will also be installing a foot pedal for the water just in case the pumps break down somewhere where I can’t fix it.  Wouldn’t do to have a lot of water and not be able to get any of it – would it? Capri also has a watermaker, which means we can make our own water from salt water – so no worries about running out.


Looking to the left from the stairs you see cabinets, bookcases and two easy chairs with the wine cellar in the middle (can’t live without wine!).


The forward cabin is the V bunk, so named for its shape. This is a double bed and there is a sink in this cabin and also a closet. This is where we sleep while at anchor or in a marina. While sailing we rig a sea bunk on the sofa in the salon. Trying to sleep in the forward bunk while underway only results in getting seasick.


Back topside, here is the cockpit seen from the entry way. Note there are two wheels (one for each of us – that way we both can think we are the skipper at any one time)


And now we can look up forward on the deck – here the port side (left hand side for all you landlubbers)


Here looking back towards the cockpit from up front.


Here is Capri doing about 8 knots

Capri under sail

And finally our pride and joy lying at anchor somewhere in the swedish archipelago


That was the quick tour – if you want to see more – you’ll just have to come visit us somehwere in the world.

2 thoughts on “Our boat S/V Capri

  1. Hi Carsten n Vinnie.. i am in Portugal. Crossed the Bay in 8 days… 25th Aug. to 2nd Sept. Arriving in Camarines in Spain… no wind for 3 days. Very unexpected. Motored down to Leixoes in Portugal in fog. Only 100mt visibility . Heading off to Lisbon tmrw… Doug… Tresillian … cheers

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