Diving off Mauritius

Hi everyone,

Last week we were on Mauritius , you know in the Indian Ocean just off Madagascar. Very luscious, very tropical, white sand beaches, warm water, coral reefs etc etc etc – oh I forgot to mention plam trees coconuts and all that.

eat your hearts out

We stayed a wonderful resort, Hotel Le Telfair – and I have to say they pampered us hand and foot, Vinni and I have never experienced anything like it.

So what did we do?

They have a PGA golf course there, and just like their service, it was unsurpassed, I’ve never played a course that was more meticulously maintained – you’d swear that they cut the grass with nail scissors, It was perfect and being a PGA course, challenging as all hell. They made me play from the back tees and even though modesty is one of my more becoming traits, I’m going to brag a bit and note that I played one round 1 stroke UNDER my 8 handicap (brag, brag, brag , brag)

But this is a sailing site so we won’t talk more about golf (unless, that is, that I play extremely well and then – well then you all will get to hear about it)

We went diving and since diving is water related, It is appropriate that I write a bit about it.  It’s been a few years since Vinni and I went diving last – so we were a bit nervous but everything was fine. Here’s a video I shot while we were down.

Please remember that this is the first time I’m using this camera, the first time I’m taking a video under water and the first time I’ve tried editing a video – so yes, it looks amatuerish as all hell – but that’s what you get. I suppose I will get better with practice (sigh)

Anyway – some shots of reef sharks, turtles, a stingray and some lion fish – not to mention some sequences with my very own mermaid.

Here’s the video –


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