Sunday Picnic Sailing

Hello again dear readers. The sailing season hasn’t quite finished yet and I am blessed with a wife who adores sailing, So despite the threat of rain, we decided to go sailing this past weekend.  Now we are no fools, so the weather reports said fair friday evening and early saturday morning, with lots of rain in the afternoon.  As a result we sailed out to Flakfortet, a former naval fort just outside of Copenhagen.  This is about a 1 1/2 hour sail. Nothing special about the sail, but I thought that for those of you who have never been there, a few pictures might enliven your day.

Sunday the weather was supposed to clear up. We’ll come back to that.

Flakfortet was built in 1914 and the construction method is interesting. The navy filled a number of old ships with rocks, sailed them out and sank them, thereby forming a stable platform on which to build a fortress. There are two of these fortresses just outside of Copenhagen.

Of course, forts are always built to fight the last war. Eventually the fort was sold and today there are conference facilities, hotel rooms a restaurant and a “Sailors Corner” with lots of grills and picnic tables for sailors.  It is a favorite place for Copenhagen sailors to come for an evening or weekend.

We sailed out friday evening and back again early saturday morning, beating the rain by about 5 minutes. Sunday was different story as you will find out further below.

Anyway here are som pics from Flakfortet


We had the place almost all to ourselves

We had the place almost all to ourselves

DSCF0223 DSCF0225 DSCF0228 DSCF0230 DSCF0231


Sunday – well sunday – hmmmm what can I say?  The weather guys said 15-20 knots of wind and a reasonable amount of sunshine, so we decided to sail to Malmø (Sweden) with a picnic lunch. A nice relaxing sunday spent on the boat – maybe wander around Malmø a bit. Basically just enjoy the day on the boat.

For those who know a bit about sailing – in the video we are running only on our jib. For those that don’t – we only have tour foresail up, no mainsail.

Here’s a little video of what transpired……………………………………..

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