Master Sailing Plan 2018-2023

Here is our best guess at our plans for the next few years. Sure to be changes along the way…………….


Month/year Destination crew Comments
april/2018 Antigua to Panama ca. 1200 nm – 8 days
April San Blas islands
April Shelter Bay Marina


Hire an agent to ge tus through the Canal
May Panama Canal Date??
May Panama City
May Pearl Islands
June Bound for Marquesas Islands  4000 nm – ca. 5 weeks at sea
July Marquesas Islands Rest up
July-september Tuamotu Islands
October Tahiti Repairs and reprovision
november-december Marquesas islands November to May is hurricane season in the Pacific – we need to be above 5 degrees south
January-april/2019 Marquesas islands Lene og Ove Hurricane season
May-oct/2019 Tahiti og Society islands

Cook Islands


Bora bora



1.Nov-1. may/2019-2020 New Zealand  Hurricane  season


May-aug Fiji


New Caledonien

Sept Brisbane, Australia Capri on land – we fly to US (maybe DK) Carsten has 50th high school anniversary
oct- 1.maj/2020-2021 Brisbane Capri on land while we travel around Australia
May Prepare to ahve Capri shipped to the Med. Capri shipped from Australia, Thailand or Singapore
2021-2022 The Med
Summer 2023 Sail back to Denmark

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