Our “Baby” is born

Hi all

Yes our “baby” is born. Our first book – Capri-Sailing Distant Seas is now available.

Yahooooo!!!!! We can’t believe it. If any of you are interested it can be purchased either on Amazon.co.uk.

Or you can order it directly from the publisher. The Iink is here: http://forlagetmellemgaard.com/shop/97-books-in-english/2827-capri—sailing-distant-seas/

Our second book From the Southern Cross to the North Star will be coming our for Christmas – I’ll let you all know

One thought on “Our “Baby” is born

  1. I look forward to reading all about your adventures, even though I have read many of your Blogs. The book will go to my son in London and he’ll bring it to SF later this year. Hope all is well. Bob and Torill

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