We had a perfect sail towards Aalborg – beautiful weather, but little wind


First sunrise at sea on this trip


The dead awaken after 4 hours of sleep


Entrance to Limfjorden

Yes the fellow still had the wind vane and yes he still wanted to sell it. It was a different model that ours and would need some modification, so I gave him a deposit and the next morning I walked down to the local boatyard and agreed they would do the mods that afternoon.

Meanwhile, I decide I might as well start getting our watermaker running. So I empty that compartment, which only has watermaker parts and down at the bottom……….


Yep – the 3 missing parts.  Ok that saved us 2 grand. I cancelled the boatyard, cancelled buying the other watermaker and Vinni and I started looking at weather windows for our trip over the north sea.

We decided to sail through Limfjorden, a fjord that cuts across the Danish mainland. We’ve never sailed it before and it is supposed to be beautiful.

Our expectations were fulfilled to the utmost. A perfect 3 day sail through the most idyllic Denmark you can imagine. Here’s some footage I took along the way.


Late afternoon on Limfjorden

We only stayed the night in Thyborøn, the next day Vinni shopped provisions and I spent the day getting the last things done on Capri for her first real ocean voyage. Amongst other things I needed to install some charts over the UK in our chartplotter.  The dealer assured me that this was the simplest thing in the world – merely download the charts, copy them over onto a chip and load them.

Bullsheet as some are wont to say.

Mega problems downloading the charts because the wifi in Thyborøn harbor is crap. Next installing them on the chartplotter turned out to be a 7 hour ordeal in pain – with about 15 phone calls to the dealer who tried to be helpful but wasn’t. Finally at around 8 pm I managed to load them and Vinni and I just fell into bed.  We have an early start – 5 am.

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