Lighthouses along the way

One of the very interesting observations we have made is the enormity of different lighthouses we have seen on our travels. I guess I was caught up in the thought that lighthouses were tall round things with a light at the top.


Not so!!


here are some that we have seen along the way – interesting and beautiful constructions

Lighthouse Boulogne sur mer


Kronborg is actually also a lighthouse albeit a pretty fancy one


beautiful lighthouses – Inverness, Scotland


Small lighthouse in the middle of nowhere – Scotland


Hudson River 1


Hudson River 2 this one is a B&B – waiting time for a room – 1 year


Hudson river 3


The little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge – George Washington Bridge NYC


wonderful lighthouses here on the Chesapeake


and another different one


The iconic lighthouse on Cape Hatteras This is what we think of when we think of lighthouses


One thought on “Lighthouses along the way

  1. Your first Scottish lighthouse is Corran Narrows, just south of Fort William. This is the first west coast lighthouse you would see after leaving the Caledonian Canal. The second Scottish lighthouse is Cutter Rock, just south of the town of Oban. This type is a fairly recent solar powered light and replaces small isolated gas powered lights.


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