Some television interviews

Dear friends

We were back in Denmark for a short visit du to my medical problem and while there, the local TV station, Christianshavns Kvarter once again taped a series of interviews with us (unbelievable that they think we are so interesting).  You’ll find them a bit further down the page

Carsten looks a little ill in them, but that is because he was recently operated on – he’s fine and looks normal now.

We got back to the US without any problems, but when we landed in NYC we were told that all out-going flights were cancelled due to weather (read: snow and ice). Nothing is so bad that it isn’t good for something and in this case it was great to have friends around the world. My old childhood friend Wayne’s daughter lives on Manhattan and when she had visited us in Copenhagen several years ago, she’s said, 2if you’re ever in NYC – you can stay with me”. We took her at her word , called, she said “of course” and a couple of hours later we were sitting in her and her husband (David) apartment enjoying the view and a glass of wine.


Dana and David – they’d gotten a piece of cake for my birthday and they were kind with the candles 🙂

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the wine – nor with the view


Vinni enjoying the view over the Hudson to New Jersey

3 days later we finally managed to get a flight out and landed in Charleston at 11:30 p.m. and drove out to a Capri covered in snow and ice – great to be back aboard but Jesus! Was she cold, cold, cold and we went to bed wearing all the clothes we had and covered in our duvets and blankets and with our diesel heater going full blast.

But I promised you the interviews and here they are:

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