A sad day for the United States

Dear friends and readers,

Vinni and I were appalled at the events that transpired in and around the Capitol Building in Washington.  We have been fortunate enough to travel in many areas of the United States, sailing up and down the east coast, spent several months on Hawaii and have now sailed in and around Washington state.  Virtually to a (wo)man, everyone we have met has been open, friendly and eager to help or guide us.

We have only met nice, sincere Americans.  We cannot recognize in those rioters the Americans we have met.

We try not to comment on any country’s politics on our blog – simply because our blog is not political.  But Vinni has written about her experiences in Washington D.C. and what she has learned about the American idea of freedom (see her post about visiting Washington D.C.) so we will comment.

We find that no one has said it better than, of all people, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Below please see his video.  You may or may not agree with his viewpoint, but no one can doubt that he is speaking from his heart.  He is not saying this for political or personal gain – he speaks because he feels it is necessary.

To all our American friends – we hope that the nation will heal and the factions will reach the point that they can “agree to disagree”, without resorting to violence, and regain their trust and respect for each other.

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