Early Christmas Greetings

Early Christmas greetings to all our readers, friends and family

Carsten and I are sending you early Merry Christmas wishes since so many of you are asking how Vinni’s treatments are going.

It is almost four weeks since I was operated.  I had a breast preserving operation that went way our expectations.

Just a  week ago I got the wonderful news  that the surgeon got all the suspect tissue – there are no residual cancer cells – which means that I am completely well, although I still have to be treated with radiation therapy.  The radiation is a prophylactic treatment to ensure that no further cells develop.  In all I will have fifteen “shots” of radiation over a three week period.

When that is over, then I will have no greater risk of getting breast cancer than any other “normal” woman.  I will be completely cured.

The operation was much less traumatic for me than I expected.  But I still have to prepare myself mentally for the radiation treatments that can be more painful than the operation.  Sometimes the skin is almost burned by the radiation and the breast swells.  But it is something that just needs to be done so I can return to my normal life.

After that, Carsten and I can start thinking about how and when we can get back to Capri.  When will the US open up again for tourism?  We have no idea and unfortunately also no influence on our future sailing plans.

We might have to spend several more months in Denmark, maybe even over the summer – who knows?  To be on the safe side, we have purchased an apartment just around the corner from our old townhouse.  WE didn’t buy our old townhouse back because prices here have gone through the roof.  Our new apartment is furnished so we can just move in with our couple of suitcases December 1st.

Since this is the gift-giving season, I’ll give you all an idea for a delayed Christmas gift for your family and friends.  Our book CAPRI –SAILING DISTANT SEAS is now being printed and can be ordered from the publisher.  Delivery sometime in January.  Here is the link ot the publisher:


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Vinni and Carsten

4 thoughts on “Early Christmas Greetings

  1. SOOOOO good to hear from you Vinni and literally crying happy that you are doing so well!

    As I told Phil the other day by email, I think you should write to President-Elect Biden with a copy of your book asking for special permission to come back to the US to continue your journey. Can’t hurt.

    Peace, Love, and Christmas Blessings to You and Phil!



  2. Fabulous news! That makes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    I am sure something will open up soon so you can visit your family in the USA.
    God tur!

  3. I’m very happy to hear that you are doing so well, Vinni. I walked that same path 26 years ago and remain healthy today. Best wishes to both of you.
    Your posts are wonderful and I’ll be pleased to read of your travels when you can continue. Hope it’s soon.

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