We’ve been back in Denmark for nine months now and one thing is for sure – Vinni and I have decided that we are not ready to live in an apartment yet.

We almost can’t believe it.  We’re not at all done with our travels and we certainly aren’t done sailing blue oceans.


Just taste those words.  We leave tomorrow morning very early and fly to the Dominican Republic for two weeks of beach holiday before traveling on to the US.  We’re taking the beach holiday because the US is still not allowing Europeans to visit the US if they come directly from Europe.  We have to spend two weeks in a “green” country before we can enter.  The Dominican Republic is “green” so two weeks of beach vacation it is.

But, but, but – this is Vinni and Carsten going so you can be sure that they will be having true Vinni and Carsten weather there.  A hurricane, Elsa, is rolling over the island today so rest assured that we will have lots of rain and bad weather at least the first week (sigh).

It doesn’t matter to us – we’re just so happy to be going back to Capri and our life there.  When we get there, we’ll spend the first week or so cleaning Capri and making sure nothing has happened.  It is too late this year to sail to Alaska, the season for going that far north is over.  So we will fire up our “hippie-camper” that we bought before we left for Denmark and embark on:

The Great American Road Trip

The plan is to drive from one end of the US to the other and back again, actually we may just circumnavigate the continental US ending back at Capri next April.  Don’t worry, we will write some blogs about our adventures on the road.  Come to think of it, road cruising is a bit like sail cruising, just without the waves.

Of course, the camper can’t sink either……………………………..

Our adventures are continuing, but first we want to thank all our friends who showed us unlimited hospitality during our time here in Denmark.  We have been wined and dined until we can barely move our ears (it has cost me over 13 pounds).  So we will be on a hunger diet for the next loooooong period of time, atoning for our gluttonous sins (they have been many – sigh).

3 thoughts on “YAHOO!!!! HOME TO CAPRI!!!!!!!

  1. Wonderful news. Almost as great as the fortunes of the Denmark football team!!!
    Have fun…keep us posted…
    God tur…

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