Another interruption in our adventures

Dear friends and readers,

Many of you have begun to ask “So- how’s life as a landlubber cruising around in your “Hippiecamper” going?”

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that since once again we’ve been forced to interrupt our adventures due to illness.

I’ve been diagnosed with precancerous growths in my one breast and have flown back to Denmark for treatment. 

I was at the hospital today and will be operated (a breast preserving operation) on next week, October 20.  On November 18, I’ll find out if I need another operation.  A month after the operation, I will start a 15 day radiation treatment – fortunately no chemotherapy.

We hope that it was discovered in time and that they remove all the suspect cells the first time so I will only need the one operation.  But I will need radiation therapy.

If everything goes well, the treatments should be over in 3-4 months, but then the question arises:  Will we be able to get back into the US and to Capri?  The US is closed for travelers from Europe because of Covid, and we don’t know when those restrictions will be lifted.

In other words, we have no idea what our future holds and unfortunately, no way to influence it.  A damned difficult situation to be in, but the important part is for me to get healthy again.

So you have to get used to the idea that there will be no blog entries for the next longer period of time – we don’t know when we will resume.

But our book number 1 – Capri – Sailing Distant Seas will be on the shelves just after New Year’s.

Love to all

Vinni and carsten

2 thoughts on “Another interruption in our adventures

  1. Oh dear! What a shame. You will be in our prayers for a total recovery. Of course it’s great that this was discovered early so all should be well, but clearly an upset for your travel plans. I enjoy so much your wonderful accounts of all your voyages and would love to get your book version. Will that be available in the USA?
    Best wishes from San Francisco. Still hope we will get together here some time soon.
    Med vennlig hilsen
    Bob og Torill McDermott

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